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smart car Cabin Filter - 450 Model (Genuine)

smart car Cabin Filter - 450 Model (Genuine)
Brand: Genuine smart
Product Code: 450
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Price: $49.99
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This is a Genuine smart car part, so you are assured the perfect fit. This filter is designed to fit the 450 and the Crossblade models.

Make sure you change this filter regularly to avoid breathing contaminated air. Change the filter yourself and save some money! 


We recommend that you periodically check your filter (about every 10,000-15,000 miles). Depending on the driving conditions, the air quality outside and the amount of time you use your heater, fan or AC this filter can become dirty as quick as 10,000 miles or last as long as 20,000-25,000.


Failure to change the filter can cause damage to your system and most importantly negatively effect the inside air quality of your smart. Be sure to check for mold growing on the filter. Some customers have reported the growth of mold on the filter. 

Here is a link to a great site that shows you how to change this filter:


Genuine smart.

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